The Horse Magnetic Pulser is an experimental device with no medical claims being made or implied for its use.  The only way to know if the Horse Magnetic Pulser will be of benefit in any particular situation is to try it and see. The Horse Magnetic Pulser, just like itís various competitors, is not an FDA approved device.The stringent and very expensive approval procedures of the FDA essentially preclude all small manufacturers from FDA approval of magnetic pulser devices such as the Horse Magnetic Pulser and itís competitors such as the Pap-imi, the Magnapulse, Pulsed Energy Technologies (PET), the MG-33, the PER 2000, the P3, and Diapulse.We are living under an FDA system that is biased in favor of the large, deep pockets, corporate drug company interests.By law and since the Horse Magnetic Pulser is not an FDA approved device, no medical claims can be made for it.However, the continued and growing use of the various available magnetic pulser devices comparable to the Horse Magnetic Pulser by veterinarians and horse trainers would seem to indicate some significant positive results from their usage, not to mention the large number of anecdotal stories indicating very positive treatment results for a large number of conditions.